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Gåte was founded by the Sundli siblings in 1999. Their very own combination of traditional folk music and explosive and progressive rock took them from the rehearsal room basement to the big stages in a very short period of time. Between 2001 – 2006 their spectacular live shows, two studio albums, two EP´s and a live album brought them massive success. They sold more than 100 000 albums, went straight to #1 on the national Top 40 album chart in Norway, and they won the Norwegian Grammy for Best New Artist in 2002.

The Comeback

In 2017 the critically acclaimed band returns after a 12 year long break. The band now consists of Gunnhild Sundli, Sveinung Sundli, Magnus Børmark, Jon Even Schärer og Mats Paulsen. The siblings profound passion for traditional Norwegian folk music has always been the base of Gåte’s sound and vision, and when they now return, they will continue to build and create music around old traditional material. At the same time they now have an urge to create and compose new original songs. The new material will allow them to further explore their sound and vision with a new and different approach, although it will still be heavily inspired by the traditional.


The new material has been written in collaboration with songwriter Katrin Frøder and lyricist Knut Buen. Knut Buen is already established as the king of the Norwegian Folk Music scene and a master performer on the Harding Fiddle, but what many people don’t know is that he is also a brilliant storyteller and lyricist.

It’s good to be back, and it actually feels just as much as a beginning as a continuation.

– Gunnhild Sundli

Their EP “Attersyn” (old Norwegian for revisited) which will be released on November 3rd 2017, contains 4 new songs; two of them based on old traditional pieces and two of them newly written originals. Together they represent a complete and exciting sound that make up the Gåte universe of 2017. Or as Gunnhild Sundli is putting it: – It’s good to be back, and it actually feels just as much as a beginning as a continuation.

Gåte Press Photo
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Gåte riddle tour 2019 gaate

Concert Overview 2019

We will be playing at the following venues: 28.06 Uskedalen- Festidalen 12.07 Alvdal- Livestock 2019 13.07 Lakselv- Midnattsrocken 18.07 Molde- Molde International Jazz Festival – offisiell side 25.07 Arendal- Norsk

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Gåte Denmark Odense Aarhus København

Gåte is coming to Denmark!

Gåte is finally coming to Denmark! Tickets are available below 10.10 POSTEN Odense POSTEN TICKETS 11.10 TRAIN Aarnhus TRAIN TICKETS 12.10 PUMPEHUSET København PUMPEHUSET TICKETS

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Gåte Huldra Post Image

Music Video: Huldra

Composer and producer: Sveinung Sundli Co-producer and technician: Tore Dombu Lyrics: Knut Buen Vocals: Gunnhild Sundli Guitar and vocals: Magnus Børmark Bass and vocal: Mats

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Gåte live på Storås

Gåte at Storås

 If you are lucky enough to live in Norway you can watch the whole concert live on NRK2 22:10 this Friday, or just follow

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Music Video Kom No Disjka

Music Video: Kom no Disjka

‘Kom no Disjka’ is taken from the new album, Svevn, out november 2, 2018. Created by Ragnarok Film:https://www.ragnarok-film.comDirector: Ole Fredrik WanneboDOP: Arne Vidar StoltenbergLights: David

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About Knut Buen

“I consider every original and novel variation of traditional and new material as an important step forward for a musician.”

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